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WifiWiFi has become one of the most popular amenities in the Hospitality industry. Five years ago, a traveler was likely to have one laptop. Now, a family of travelers may have multiple computers, smart phones, tablets and a gaming console — all needing to connect with WiFi.

Demands on WiFi networks are dramatically increasing, and so are the expectations of your guests. Are you prepared to meet those expectations? Does your investment in WiFi match your guests expectations?

ARVC SupplierTengoInternet is proud to be the nations leading provider of wireless networks and guest services to the hospitality industry, as well as the winner of the 2009 & 2010 Supplier of the Year Award from the National Association of RV Park and Campground Owners (ARVC). In addition, we are KOA’s preferred WiFi vendor of choice.

WiFi is no longer a Luxury... It’s a Necessity

When choosing a WiFi network, the quality of the equipment you purchase will make a significant difference in the reliability and performance of your network.

Although there are many low cost solutions out there, most do not provide adequate coverage and fall well short of your guests expectations. Utilizing commercial-grade equipment, designed and built for deployment in large parks and other commercial venues, provides you with the capabilities and back-end services needed to provide a quality WiFi experience to your guests.

At TengoInternet, we believe that reliable equipment, coupled with award-winning service and support, gives you the tools to offer this valuable amenity to your guests.  Let us help you design, deploy and support a network that will make your guests happy and take away your WiFi headaches.

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